Crazy hours of jam.. Please change your mind if you are thinking of coming back today. #vscocam #jamlikecrazy
Thanks lovelies for the belated birthday celebration! Thanks for never failing to plan surprises for me every single year, especially how busy you’ll are with internship now. Thanks for the yummy treat and present, had a great time catching up with you girls! 7years of friendship and still counting, BFF <3
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!! My long lost twin(: It’s so strange how fate works. Us having smiliar name, same surname, same primary, secondary school and to poly now. Everything that happened on us is so similar hahaha! 13years of friendship/sisterhood and still counting on^^
Thanks guys for the super surprising celebration! Didn’t know you all were planning this from last week. Was really surprised! Thankyou so much for today, the food, presents and wishes!(: Really had a great time catching up again! So glad to have know you all for these 3 years. 

Thankyou so much @johannnnnnn for the super pretty “architectural” interlace cake! Too pretty!!!^^ 

Love them all! <3
Finally 19!!! 
Managed to save today for my beloved family and boyf(: Thankyou for the most expensive dinner treat in my whole life and all the presents I craved for! 

Special thanks to boyf who traveled all the way from the other end of sg to join my family and celebrate with me! You’re the best! <3

Thankyou to those who wishes me, the presents and the heart felt long messages, haha ^^

Feeling so blessed! Thankyou ALL :D
19th. Thanks for the early birthday celebration and for these 1.7year ♥
We came across a myriad of people in one lifetime. People who are able to seamlessly intertwine with, while others fade into a periphery of our mind, almost forgotten but not quite; some remain as regrets. At the end of the day, some will matter more than others and there will be a few that matters the most. When we’ve lowered our guards, striped ourselves to the most vulnerable and raw, who then, would you allowed to be the closest to you? Who then would you open your heart to?  #vscocam #latenightthoughts
Fantasyland. #throwback #vscocam
Night walk. Love alone time like this to relax and reflect. #vscocam
Oh yeah. Worship me minions
Yesterday’s meetup with colleagues from SAA. Who says archi people are boring people to hangout with. #throwback #vscocam
Finally get to meet this girl again after half a year! Miss her so muchhh!! Had a great time catching up today and thanks for the early birthday present!^^ #bff #catchup #vscocam
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. #throwback #vscocam

Californian Valleys : 4 of 10 by yyz! on Flickr.